“Over the years, Edge Toy’s vision of merging advanced technologies into
never-before seen products, will without question, open the doors to our future.”

Masakazu Matsuzawa, Former General Manager, Public Relations
Motor Co., LTD. Japan

HONDA 600cc Prototype Wind Tunnel Testing
HONDA 600cc Prototype
Wind Tunnel Testing

14” Animatronic figures able to transfer weapons to opposing 
hand, with revolutionary facial movements emulating 16 
muscles, all in a head that’s only 1.5” tall.

Co-founded independent start-up to create an 
Internet device and go head-to-head with the likes of 
 Sony, Nokia, and Samsung.

“WINNER, CES INNOVATIONS AWARD” Most Innovative Online/Internet Device.

Because no scanner met our specific needs, we  created 
an in-house high-resolution, Structured-Light 3D Scanner, 
featuring synchronized-calibration with laser telemetry.